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  With more than 35 years of experience in the restoration of antique furniture in Germany and Spain, we offer you the most exclussive artisan reproductions of rustic furniture in German and Spanish style. We realise rustic furniture on demand, offer our creations, restore and offer antiques and ancient objects.


German Collection  (Bergisch Vitrines, Dressers, Cupboards)


Livingroom furniture (Rustic Tables, Glasscupboards, Chiffoniers, Bookcases...)


Bedroom furniture (Beds, Night tables, Commodes, Wardrobes...)


Accessories (Couch tables, Chests, Settees, alacenas (span. Cupboards), etc.)
  Our furniture are real artisan work and because each order is a special one, many of them remain unique pieces. We join selected materials and workmanlike hands and craft, giving finally to our creations a special care in the finishing by application of antique wax.

For the making of our furniture we mainly use American oak wood or Spanish chestnut wood. In special cases we also use mahagony or cedar wood.

Recently (october 2000) we have inaugurated our show-room and antiques shop, where we offer apart of our own furniture a very large collection of old things, restorated furniture, antiques and exclusive furniture, as well as favorable pieces in pine-wood. Everything you can imaging, but with our extraordinary finishing.

   Please excuse, that our English version is only very smal, but it is impossible to us to make a full version. For further details, please return to Presentación and continue in the spanish version. Any questions will be answered if you contact us. Thank You.
  Empresa Artesana:
Manuel Escolar García
Nº Registro Artesanos: BE-401
Artesanía de Extremadura